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What Others Say: Bio
Great Western Studios London

What others say...

Rachel Hecker
Artist & Assistant Professor of Arts, University of Houston, Texas

"Trzebinski paints from a pure perspective. Informed by her incredible life experiences, she is miraculously unalloyed by attempts to please the market, ride or discover trends, or in any way do anything to compromise her unique vision. While intimate and personal, her work touches on subjects that are common to all humanity. She attacks the alienation and perils inherent in modern life with fierce originality and an immense reserve of talent. Her work directly confronts the full range of the human experience. She crafts a visual narrative with each piece, capturing the viewers attention with a recognisable story while leaning heavily on the often chaotic and bizarre situations she has encountered. These memories or impressions inform her work with a judgement free naivite that lends her a frank and deceptively simple style. The thematic thrust and cultural impact of her executed works serve to effortlessly transmit her challenging and sometimes bloody, viewpoint."

Anne De Charmant - Meadows Art Gallery
Director & Curator, UK

Pinguti Island

"For two decades I have actively worked as an art and culture journalist. I have been an arts correspondent for Museeart, Scenes, Magazine, Tate Magazine published by the London Tate Gallery, the Geneva Tribune, and others. I edited the arts section of the Geneva Journal, and was also a regular columnist for the paper. I was a participating editor for Phaidon Press's monumental The Garden Book , and a contributor to a visual arts programme for French Television and Radio Switzerland.  Seeing Ms Trzebinski's paintings is always an exciting and confrontational experience. The often violent subject matter of her paintings poses a challenge to the viewer. Yet the eye-catching beauty of these paintings and their compositions, with canvases saturated in lush colours are compelling and strangely seductive. Her flattened subjects, so often engulfed in huge blocks of colour, are painted in a childlike manner, often attractive to the viewer. Gabriela's paintings offer fabulous depictions of the quotidian, at once both different and familiar.. Perhaps that, in part, explains why her art has been so extremely successful with collectors. Using very few elements in her work, Trzebinski immediately creates a sense of place and story. She has had countless exhibits around the world, at established galleries such as Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London and George Adams Gallery in New York City. As well as Jan Murphy Gallery in Australia. These shows increased her reputation as an important artist, recognised by American, African and International collectors."

What Others Say: Bio
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