A visual exploration around one's own mortality, aging (eldering) and different cultural beliefs and attitudes towards end of life care.

In early 2019, my mother Errol broke her hip. The femur head detached and pushed into the socket, fracturing the bone. Mum was 84. Her freedom and independence lost in an instant and my responsibility as 'primary carer' began. The options for recovery were very limited. The choices were an ER evacuation by plane, followed by 8 hour surgery (from which she might not survive) or basic home 'traction'. We chose the latter, administered at the house, with the support of an experienced physiotherapist. Very bravely, Mum tolerated her leg being pulled slowly back out of the hip socket. It was bandaged tightly and attached to rope which was levered and elevated over a chair. Weekly weight reductions followed, starting with 5 kilos of sand over a 3 month period.  It's been an intense layman's journey into the medical world of care (of which I have felt hopelessly ill equipped at times).  With the help of doctors, medical officers and good friends, three and a half years have since passed. My mother still resides in our living room. We got through the Pandemic together, despite the difficulties. This work pays homage to all family carers and honours the courage of those living with the challenge of extreme disability at home - 2022

Wikipedia: 'Wheelchair'

Image:  Wheelchair 1: Acrylic on Cardboard, 2021

Wheelchair 2021.jpg

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