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An exploration of our universal ageing process and elderly care practice
adopted by different cultures.

Sketch Wheelchair.jpg


Graphite on Paper and Acrylic
16 x 10.2 cm
For Sale £650

Wheelchair 2023_edited.png

'Untitled' 2023

Oil on Card
38 x 28 cm slightly uneven
For Sale £1600



Ink on Japanese Sumi Paper
Concept: Lamu Dhow Eye. Reversed
Incomplete - Not for Sale

Wheelchair 2021


Acrylic on Cardboard
Incomplete. Not For Sale

Wheelchair 4

'Untitled' 2023

Oil on Card
32.5 x 25.5 cm
For Sale £1500

For Sale Wheelchairs: Exhibitions
Studio 2023
For Sale Wheelchairs: Image
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