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British painter Gabriela Trzebinski left Texas in late 2015. 
She now travels between UK and Kenya.

Trzebinski's groundbreaking and powerful approach, along with the messages it communicates, has taken Gabriela's work across the globe. Her solo exhibitions have been held at international art institutions, including George Adams Gallery in New York, Jan Murphy Gallery in Brisbane, and Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London. Trzebinski has had work acquired for public collections such as Everard-Reid Gallery in Johannesburg, Richard Salmon Gallery, London, and the Museum of Modern Art, Toronto. In addition to this, she has private collectors throughout UK, Australia, United States, Europe and Africa. In recognition to Trzebinski's significant contribution to art tradition, she was invited to lecture as part of the 'Artist's Eye' series at Houston's highly prestigious Menil Collection. Gabriela was also named an Artadia Award Finalist - an award which, since it's founding in 1999 has awarded over $6 million dollars in unrestricted funds to over 380 artists in 8 cities in America. The demand for Trzebinski's work has led to her inclusion in Group Exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston, the Design Museum of London, Houston Center for Photography, Art Car Museum, Museum of Natural Science Houston, Fort Russell Building Marfa, Texas, Royal College of Art London, Arlington Museum of Art, the Commonwealth Center London, Apama Mackay Gallery Houston and James Huntingdon-Whiteley Gallery, London, to name but a few. Exhibitions mentioned above are in addition to her inclusion in art fairs such as Art Forum Berlin, Toronto International Art Fair, Glasgow Art Fair, Gulf Art Fair Dubai, London Art Fair, Zurich Art Fair, art2004 Contemporary Art Fair (as well as four of it's predecessors), the 20/21st British Art Fair, Toronto International Art Fair, Zurich Art Fair Switzerland, Art Ireland, Art Cologne and ARTLondon Contemporary Art Fair.

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From Artists, Clients and Galleries

Rachel Hecker, Artist & Assistant Professor of Arts UH Houston, Texas

I do not take the responsibility of advocating on behalf of an artist lightly, but in the case of Gabriela, there was no hesitation. She has created a signature style that is daring, brave and accurately expresses her life experience. She transmutes the rich well of insight into an affecting and redemptive experience for an audience through her art. Trzebinski sacrifices for her work, and places equal importance on social relevance as she does on aesthetic principles. I cannot speak highly enough on her behalf, and the prospect of her continued output is undeniably exciting.

Claudia Schmuckli - former Director of the Blaffer Museum, Houston, Texas. San Francisco Art Institute.

In her paintings, Trzebinski brings together a bold, even fierce palette and direct, primitivist imagery with a careful balanced sense of humour and playfulness. Her work is stirring in it's thematic intensity, yet accessible and attractive in the personality that it exudes. Her unaffected brushstrokes of bright and pastel colours pay homage to her eclectic background; they lend her works the mysterious character that has provoked such impassioned discussion among critics and audiences. Gabriela brings to her art practice a deeply impressive technical expertise. It is my strongly held opinion that she has made important and substantial contributions to world culture, and is truly an extraordinary artist.

Gregory Peterson, Collector, New York

Something in Gabriela's style reminds me of the great American painter, Horace Pippin, who developed his own personal stylized, outsider approach to narrative work. The hallmark of Pippin is to depict life as it occured, with an unvarnished, naked truthfulness. But Horace Pippin's world is gentler than Trzebinski's. His oeuvre abounds in tranquil scenes of domesticity, rarely if ever, overtaken by high drama. Sarah McEneaney's style also adopts an 'outsider' aesthetic and she faithfully, movingly chronicles every every aspect of her own personal life from the dramatic to the mundane. Trzebinski does not come to realism by strictly chronicling life. Her world is mythic and whimsical as well as empirically observed. She is at once sweet and raw; comic and terrifying. Triumph, routine and tragedy are all part of the same game in Trzebinski's world. The extremes of emotion she depicts stretch to opposite poles of delight and terror, so that on balance one is left with a sense of balance and inevitability. Gabriela Trzebinski is uniquely gifted.

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