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Screened: Box 13 Art Space for 'Disturbance of Distance' Curated by Eleanor Williams, 2009. Edits: 1989,
2003 and 2007. Duration: 9:51 minutes

The mass incineration of thousands of confiscated animal skins and game trophies are filmed being publicly destroyed by the Kenyan Government. Prior to this event, tusks of over 2000 elephant were also burnt in Nairobi National Park, part of an anti-poaching initiative. Super 8 - Canon 1014XL - 5. Burning of Hides' Composed by Sarah Sarhandi, London, 2003 and 2007

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Produced by American Musician Liza Barley with British Artist Gabriela Trzebinski
Gear: Canon Vixia, Go Pro Hero 2, Sony, iPhone 4 - 8mm App, iPhone 4, Nikon.

VOID is the result of a five month experiment in which artistic collaboration is limited to a virtual space. Artists live on different continents and the internet is the only meeting point. Through this process, we have explored improvisation by utilising live video and sound feeds. Using layered recording and other data resulting from the accumulated volume of audio and video files, the project in itself has become the digital waste 'by-product' of it's own experiment. The film is a juxtaposition of the actual waste material and footage which documents the collaboration. Duration 7:42 minutes. Master Edit Ref V27 Trzebinski Version. Upload: 15 August, 2012. Liza Barley is a musician who was living in London at the time. Gabriela Trzebinski was living in Houston, Texas, during the creation of Void. In late 2015 she returned to UK. Trzebinski now travels between UK and Kenya and in between limited studio hours, cares full time for her elderly mother, Errol. Void: Trzebinski/Barley Version Performed: 3 - 4 July, 2012 at The Curiosity Festival. The Barbican and Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The People Show, People Show Studios, Pollard Row, London E2 6NB, UK.

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